Tuesday, April 28, 2009

*bzr* under the firewall

BZR could not work well now in the intranet that has an firewall. I am working behind the firewall. I have to use the http proxy to access networking. There are some problems when I use the bzr, a distributed version control system tool which used in opencog.

The first problem is that it could not use the *lp:opencog*. When I used 'bzr branch lp:opencog' it give me a 'connection time out ERROR', even though I set the http_proxy enviroment correctly. After asking this question in the IRC channel of #bzr at freenode, I got the answer that the bzr is not supported the *lp:opencog* by using the http_proxy now . I should replace it with the URL of opencog trunk . So I used 'bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~opencog-dev/opencog/trunk/' to make a local branch instead of using 'bzr branch lp:opencog' and it worked.

The second problem is that I could not use'bzr push lp:~xiaohui/opencog/moses' to push it to my branch of opencog on the lannchpad. So I changed it to
'bzr push https://bazaar.lauchpad.net/~xiaohui/opencog/moses' , but it also could not work. After discussing in the #bzr IRC and googling it. I know the reason is that bzr use the SSH to connect to launchpad. And my SSH could not connect to the networking because I am behind the firewall. So I need a proxy like http proxy or SOCKS proxy for SSH. After setting the proxy for SSH(it will be mentioned later) correctly, and then I use the command
bzr push bzr+ssh://bazaar.lauchpad.net/~xiaohui/opencog/moses' to push it to the my branch for my gsoc project correctly.

There are some ways to set the proxy for the SSH, I was followed this link to set the ssh
through http_proxy by using corkscrew. And there also some other method to set the SSH proxy, the following links maybe useful for it.

1. using tsocks to tunnel
2. using connect.c to tunnel

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